Our Men's Group

Helping local men achieve better health in body and mind.


Men’s Mental Health Boxing and Peer Support Group 

Who can attend?:  

Men who are suffering with mental ill-health, diagnosed or undiagnosed. 

Age 17 + (No maximum age).

Where is it?:

4 Corner Boxing and Combat Gym, Hanson Road, Walton, L9 7BP 


What time?:

Wednesday: 12pm – 2pm 


How to attend?:

Either through a professional or a self referral. Contact us for more details.

We spend the first hour with our head coach and mentor Courtney Fry who is a former professional boxer, Commonwealth Gold Medalist and Olympian. The men will be put through their paces on the bags and pads followed by a high intensity workout. All sessions are modified to the individual's fitness levels and those with health issues are also encouraged to attend too unless they are specifically told not to exercise by a medical professional. 


Boxing is fast-paced and creates a fun environment. It requires full concentration, leaving the mind little time to drift into the every day stresses of life. Taking that moment of clarity along with our other learning tools allows our members to look at life with a new perspective and equips them to cope better with their mental health.

Physical activity is a well known stress reliever and boxing training is a tried and tested method to achieve a positive outlook. When working out on the punching bag your brain increases the production of endorphins, that create a feel-good factor. As you continue to strike, you will find your focus is improved; increasing your concentration and levelling your mood.


Our 2nd hour is our peer support group were we come together and learn further tools of how to manage our mental and physical health. We engage in regular meditation, mindfulness and nutrition programmes. We also go on residential day trips and practise active listening and how to deal with anger with relaxation techniques.

The group achieves a natural level of camaraderie and shared experience helps to create a healthy bond between coaches and participants.

We also have a WhatsApp support group and hold one-to-one weekly zoom appointments with some of our more vulnerable members. We run an outreach within the group which is voluntary and we have housed 3 members who were previously either homeless or in hostel accommodation.