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Happy Easter Everyone

We have been working incredibly hard over the past two weeks to get Easter activity packs out to Children via referrals. We want to say a big thank you to Carpenters our Sponsors for the massive donation of Easter Eggs and Easter activity books. Thank you to the Scouse Fundraiser for their amazing efforts and donation of eggs too. We sent out over 150 children packs. We also sent out over 100 eggs to adults living in hostels, refuges and rehab and a further 75 went out in our food parcels bags to deprived households. We then donated the remaining to a care home in L8 and the Florrie for their hunt over the weekend via L8 councillors. WOW a job well done considering we didn't ask for any eggs or get any funding for half term provision. Amazing work thank you to our team and amazing community please continue to support and donate. Lots of love xx

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You're something else.....well done and thank you. Keep on keeping on. Love all, serve all.

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